AAIN mentorship programme for Africa

Africa Agribusiness Incubators Network (AAIN) is a private sector institution and with very high whose mandate is to strengthen agribusiness incubation in Africa. As part of her implementation strategy, AAIN is working with mentors who have experience in varied subject areas in the fields of agriculture/agribusiness. However, since our scope of operations has grown, we are looking at growing our pool of mentors to meet the increased demand. As such we are now profiling service providers in the areas related to agriculture and agribusiness to offer mentorship services to our incubators and incubatees across the continent.

AAIN is offering you an opportunity to partake in this noble venture and make your contribution towards agriculture transformation in Africa.

  1. Are you working along agriculture value chains?
  2. Are you involved and at level of the value chain?
  3. Do you feel you can make a contribution to help mold and grow agribusinesses at all levels i.e. production, processing, marketing, access to finance and many others related to business growth and development?

If your answer is yes; then enroll now to be a business mentor vide the link below.




Please send your CV after submitting the form to info@africaain.org